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The Soap that lathers and rinses in saltwater!!

If you are going to be vacationing near salt water this winter, make sure that you have ordered SAILOR SOAP lathering gel and SPF 30 to take along.

Did you know that you can order a 2 ounce Sailor Soap with pump to put into your carryon? It is a great emergency backup when the airlines have lost your luggage!!

The holiday season is upon us and a 4 or 9 ounce Sailor Soap makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Enjoy the holiday season and "Party Hardy"

Sailor SoapTM is a biodegradable, concentrated cleanser for face, hair and body, that both lathers and rinses in salt water! Great in fresh water too, for lake boaters, fishermen, hikers and campers.

Highly concentrated, a 9oz bottle will last one person for about 2 months while being used as a body wash, shampoo and shaving lather. A little goes a long way! This incredible, well-tested, all-over shampoo, produced by a leader in the development of skin care products, will enable you to have younger-looking, healthier skin and hair.

Sailor SoapTM recently underwent biodegradability testing at an independent analytical laboratory. The results of this testing is very impressive and shows Sailor SoapTM to be far more environmentally friendly than most products available. The report, when interpreted by the chemist into layman´s language, verified for us that Sailor SoapTM breaks down rapidly into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). This means that Sailor SoapTM is as kind to the environment as it is to your skin and hair. We will be happy and proud to provide a copy of this report to anyone that is interested. Simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Sailor SoapTM contains no Triclosan or any of the other harsh, harmful additives commonly found in many of todays products. Sailor SoapTM is rich the essential oils of Australian Tea Tree and Eucalyptus (both known for their antibiotic and anti-fungal properties) and in Aloe Vera, all of which help to counteract the damaging effects of salt and sun on the skin and hair. Environmentally-friendly, it contains no artificial colors or dyes and no perfumes to irritate your skin. Economical, too.

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